Friday, June 19, 2020

Writer's Conference at Hilton Rialto, Melbourne FL

The big day has arrived!

My first Florida Writer's Conference, where I will be selling and signing books, takes place Saturday, June 20, 2020 at the beautiful Hilton Rialto in Melbourne, FL.

Although I attended the AWP Writers Conference in 2018 in Tampa, FL, I attended seminars at that event as a participant, but did not set up a table to sell my books. So this is a pretty big deal! I'm excited, since after many writers conferences and book-signings, this is my first in Florida, the initial focal location of my fiction novels in The Martin Culver Series.

Hosted by Valerie Allen of Authors for Authors of Melbourne, this Writers Conference is the 12th Annual event of its kind where writers will gather to offer their books for sale, to attend seminars, and to network together.

The public has been invited through an effective publicity campaign that was carried by local news outlets.  This will give readers an interesting opportunity to meet writers and have books signed.

If you are in the Space Coast area, please make plans to attend. The address is:

 Hilton Rialto
200 Rialto Place
 Melbourne, FL 32901

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