Friday, July 30, 2021

"1982: A Prequel to Orwell's 1984" Published!


Today is a great day! My latest novel, "1982: A Prequel to Orwell's 1984" has been published! The print version became available for purchase as of July 30, 2021. Click here to purchase. 

If you read (or have heard of ) Orwell's 1984, you may have wondered about the disastrous chain of events that led to the dystopian nightmare that was Winston Smith's life. 

"1982: A Prequel to Orwell's 1984" is a detailed novel providing a look into the dark months leading up to Orwell's 1984, from the unique perspective of Winston's nephew now living in the former United States, the district of New Acirema. 

Learn what phenomenal events took place to Transition our world from the one that we knew and loved, to a totalitarian nightmare that challenges every concept of freedom and liberty. 

Learn how the Great Reset played out differently than anyone anticipated, to the point that even our calendars cannot be trusted.

Find out who The OverState is, how they seized and Consolidated power, who their enemies are, & their objectives. Unravel the myriad of decades-old strategies that plunged the world into utter chaos. 

This novel, or novella, is a standalone project not connected with "The Martin Culver Series" but will, like those novels, keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 

You will want to read this novel as a companion piece to Orwell's "1984". 

Order your copy today at "1982: A Prequel to Orwell's 1984."  Digital also available. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

More for Readers and Fans in 2021

Fans and readers of The Martin Culver Series of action adventure novels will be glad to know that writing and publishing activity has taken off like a rocket in 2021, after a Sabbatical Year and a major move in 2020! And all of it benefits my readers and fans!

Thank you to those of you who attended the recent Local Author Book Signing that I held here in Melbourne, FL! I hope you are enjoying your new novels, wherever you are in the series. Watch for more events in the near future, being planned now. 

If you were unable to attend the Book Signing, but want to own any of the 7 novels in the series or purchase them as a gift, email me at: I will respond with a great price for your novel signed, sealed and delivered. This also works for the next novel in the series. 

In addition, I have actively begun writing the 8th novel in the series. This novel is set in Florida, involving sunken treasure, the Calusa tribe, abandoned weapons systems and of course the IAF and the CIA. So now is the time to read up, catch up on the series, make sure you are ready. Publication is anticipated by Summer 2021. Buy your novels for digital reading on any device here:

Since so much of The Martin Culver Series revolves around sunken Spanish treasure, I have actively begun to hunt Spanish treasure along the beaches near our new home in Florida. These beaches are the site of the sinking of Spain's 1715 Treasure Fleet. Many millions of dollars of treasure were lost, most of it never recovered. This is also the site of Mel Fisher's first treasure hunt in Florida, one that still produces Spanish silver and gold.  I will keep you posted how this is going. I already have some found items to show you in future posts. You can visit this site again at

Another feature of 2021 is that I will be making regular updates of Malcom Massey, Author with a special monthly communication to those on our mailing list.  Email me at if you want to receive these updates.

These updates are for for readers and fans of The Martin Culver Series, to make the novels come more alive with background details, and will include videos of character and location background, treasure hunt updates, and news related to the series. 

The monthly email will be a summary highlight of the past month, with previews of the coming month's activities and events

Finally, thank you to each of you for helping to make The Martin Culver Series a success. This has been a fun, fantastic journey all the way through, and shows no signs of becoming less interesting, thanks to you.