Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Write Your Story Now Online

 As many of you are aware, I have closed "Inspire Writers Center", the Florida 501c3 that I had established in January of 2022. There were several reasons for closing IWC, among them lack of funding for teaching space, increased competition for available teaching space, and a dearth of qualified

Of course traveling to Virginia for Proton Cancer Therapy at Hampton University had something to do with winding down Inspire Writers Center as well. 

One of our best attended IWC programs was always "Write Your Story", the introductory class that we held at Melbourne area local libraries for as many as 50 persons at a time (Eau Gallie), and included Satellite Beach, and the DeGroodt Library at Palm Bay, and which we eventually taught at West Melbourne Recreation Center. 

I have decided to offer a way of continuing that popular class using the magic of online. This decision was inspired today by my friends Peggy and Lewis. 

Here is how that will work: 

1. Go to the Classful site and download Your copy of the 

Write Your Story Workbook at: Your Story Workbook - Classful . 

This is a site where teachers may post class-related workbooks for sale online. 

The workbook costs $5.00. This step is optional, 

but does offset the loss of classroom teaching income 

that I am currently contending with. 

2. Watch the Online Video of "Write Your Story", 

narrated by Malcom Massey (in my former voice), by clicking the link below:

You will find the PowerPoint follows along with the workbook, making it easy to capture the significant points. 

  • Keep lots of notes
  • Pause when you need to capture thoughts. 
  • Then if you need it, I am here to help you. 

Even though I am going through a bit of a challenge, I will find time to answer your questions and to help you move forward. 

Remember, to publish on Amazon Kindle, as I and so many others before and after me have done, all you need are a Word Document and a picture for the cover. Oh, and be sure and tell them where to send the royalties. Your bank account of course. Your regular one or one you open specifically for royalties. 

Next post I will bring in the Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) links that you will need to see your book finally become a reality in print. 

If I have sent you this link, I have seen something in you that resembles what I have seen in others, as well as myself, that makes me believe you can write a book. You should believe it too. Now get to work and WRITE YOUR STORY!