Thursday, February 6, 2020

Not Your Average Audiobook, and What? it's FREE?

Tired of the same old audiobooks? Ready for an exciting escape? Looking for an audiobook with something more? (6 more novels in The Martin Culver Series, to be exact!)

Then you will want to download "Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin" for FREE! Not your average audiobook, this novel will grab your attention and hold it tightly from the start through to the exciting finish. "The Martin Culver Series" of action thrillers are all fast-paced, unrelenting adventures known for taking readers on a great escape.

To make this offer even better, "Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin" is FREE on Audible through the month of February 2020! Share this link or forward this email with anyone you know!

Just click this title link to get "Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin" for FREE on Audible.

Or if you prefer to read exciting novels on Kindle or in print, check out the entire series here:

To learn more about the author's background to write this material, click here: Malcom Massey, Author.

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