Thursday, June 6, 2013

Received An E-Book Free? Remember to Review!

Authors are using FREE Kindle Books as a way to introduce readers to their books. This is great for avid readers and lets the reader sample a full novel before committing to purchase the other novels in the series.

Many times fans of "The Martin Culver Series" of action adventure novels ask me "How can you afford to give away your books?" I always answer that there is a secret at work with each book given away. Many are not aware of this secret.

There is a secret to receiving a FREE Kindle Book that you may not be aware of. Were you aware that Free Kindle books carry a certain expection from the author that the reader would go back to the site and leave a REVIEW?

This small courtesy on the part of the reader provides the author with valuable insight and potentially drives additional sales, which is the real purpose of a FREE Kindle Book promotion.

So download those free Kindle books, remember to review, and tell all your friends about the great books you have found. That way FREE Kindle books will continue to be offered, and everyone benefits.

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