Thursday, May 30, 2013

International Sales Follow Amazon KDP Promotion!

Thanks to my recent Amazon KDP Promotion, my novels sold in in Japan, Canada, Germany, India, the U.K. and the United States.   Thank you Amazon, for being my partner in such a wide distribution network!

I would also like to welcome all new fans to The Martin Culver Series of adventure thrillers! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy these novels!

The revision of "Holiday in Havana" is nearly complete, and will debut in June 2013 with a free promotion on a limited number of copies.

Then the work will begin in earnest on the fourth novel in the series, "The Golden Treasure of Panama".  Already outlined, with an intriguing setting and an exciting set of characters, this novel promises to be as good or better than any of the other novels in the series.

As usual, this novel will be packed with adventure, history, archaeology, and wrapped in international intrigue. You won't want to miss it. Due on shelves by Fall 2013!

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